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How to Sell Anything By Being Honest

Quite a few buyers today look down on sellers. Why? Because consumers have grown weary of the salesman who’s trying to sell them goods. There is always an angle it seems and this is exactly the notion that you personally should try to defeat.

The best way to winning a customer’s trust is none other than being perfectly honest with them. Yes, people are keen on hearing facts and information, so, to succeed as a salesman, broker or anything that requires good communication between you and a customer, all you need to do is be informative and only sell quality merchandise.

If you have a tough sell to make, target budget customers and to explain to them what some of the possible downsides of their purchase can be. Do remind them that, most goods have a warranty that will cover any unforeseeable expenses related to the product, though.

Overall, there is no one winning strategy as to how to best sell a product. What you need to do is make sure you are not highlighting the downsides, though, because the instant you open with why the customer should be wary of something, you have lost them. So here’s our short guide to marketing success.

1. Stay Positive

Always be positive and focus on why the customer wants to buy it. You needn’t make anything up. Just tell the customer why the thing they are about to buy is good. You needn’t sell merchandise. It can be something more substantial like a service.

Advertising someone else is often a responsible undertaking for a number of reasons. Not least of all, you are putting your own name to vouch for someone else. When you are identifying your would-be clients hiring you to advertise their service, do careful research.

For instance, a good residential locksmith service is bound to have some reviews left on places like Yelp, so make sure you do your due diligence well.

2. Dry, Neutral And Factual

Always focus on the facts, but leave the pricing until last. Tell people why the product/purchase/service answers their needs. If a would-be customer sees the point in buying from you, they will be far more inclined to buy, regardless of the price.

3. Always Answer Truthfully

It often can happen that you are in a situation where your clients would want to discuss a particular issue with you. You should provide the facts truthfully and keep a brave face. The client is not always right, but as a good salesman, you should always respect a person’s decision to buy or not to buy.

After all, you often find yourself in exactly the same position. Pricing, downsides of the service or product and more are questions that are going to come up often and the best way is to explain what inherent drawbacks there are to purchase.

The good news is that the majority of products don’t really have drawbacks. Of course, certain goods are much better because of their price but that is it. You can’t really cite a lack of functionalities in an air conditioner as an actual drawback or how energy-friendly the air con is, for example.

However, being a good salesman means that you will pounce at the opportunity and explain why spending a little more can get your customers something better. Sometimes, recommending a cheaper good might also win you points.

Why? Simple!

  • You get your clients appreciation
  • They are likely to return
  • They will certainly recommend you to others

Before you know it, you will already be talking to other clients thanks to sealing a good deal in the past. Word of mouth recommendations shouldn’t be overlooked.

Selling is tough, but the good news is that today, the most truthful and hard-working individual making it. It’s thanks to such commitment from honest marketers that the name of the profession has been cleared and customers know that they can trust their salesman more so than ever in the past.

It always helps to remind your customers that your job is to sell them the product and demonstrate your forthcoming manner, but remember – you also need to add value. Explain, help, and connect the dots for your customers. These are the marks of a great marketing expert these days.

Shopping For The Best Mortgage Solutions

Mortgages are, by far, some of the most stressful events in life. The process itself involves a lot of paper filling and demands loads of patience, to begin with. Whether this is your very first home and you are also experiencing the butterflies of the process, or you are looking to move house and invest in a bigger property, these mortgage tips should come in handy.

See How Much House You Can Affordmortgage form

While you may be day-dreaming about a luxury villa with 5 bedrooms and a pool, your bank account/credit score/savings might be telling you something else. The trick is to buy what you can actually afford and never go over your limits. Your DTI is your monthly debts compared to your income. The majority of mortgages enable 41% DTI at most. For more peace of mind, you should focus on a DTI ratio that will not go higher than 36%. There are calculators you can use online to determine just how much house you can buy, or you can get in touch with one of our experts and figure out what to expect.

A high DTI rate is very likely to force you to miss mortgage payments in case something urgent comes up. Act responsibly and listen to the professional advice of mortgage experts for a smooth process.

Get Yearly Credit Reports And Look For Errors

You are entitled to ask for a free copy of your credit report on a yearly basis at Check for any potential errors in terms of your contact details, home address, or accounts. Get in touch with the credit bureau and have them fix any problems you may find.

Don’t Worry About Having The Perfect Credit Score

There are tons of mortgage programs that will allow you to have a credit score of 620 the minimum so your loan can be approved. FHA loans are excellent for people with a credit score of 580. However, just because you have a 580 credit score, it does not mean that you will automatically qualify for your loan. A lending institution will usually assess a number of factors, and not just your credit score.

Your credit history over the last year prior to your mortgage request should be as clean as possible. Focus on getting rid of all of your payments. Keep in mind that provided you can afford to pay a down payment of 20 percent, you can prevent paying for a PMI mortgage that also requires you to get mortgage insurance. The PMI is up to 1% on a yearly basis, and it is tied to the type of mortgage program you will select. An FHA loan has a PMI of 0.85% and it is required for the loan’s life. For more details, feel free to check the information on our website or get in touch with us and let us guide your steps toward the ideal mortgage solutions.

Save Some Cash

Having some extra money aside means improving your odds of receiving your loan. Lenders will look at it as payment for a few months and they would much rather grant you the loan instead of someone who will be depleting all of their savings in order to get the mortgage.

Start well ahead and take advantage of this compensating factor and you could get your credit faster and with less hassle.

Improve Your Credit Score

Prior to filling in your paperwork for your mortgage, try to improve your credit score as much as possible. You could try to pay a high credit card balance below 15% of the limit. Focus on disputing any negative information concerning your account by contacting the credit bureau and creditors and negotiate a payment to have the information deleted. You could also ask a family member with a good credit score to add you as an authorized user.

Secure Your New Home

Once all the paperwork is filled in and your loan approved, you can start planning your move into your new home. Make sure to secure it properly prior to spending your first night there. Consider changing the locks or having them re-keyed so you can prevent any of the old owners from using their keys to break in. Professional locksmiths services like 24/7 ASAP Locksmiths can provide you with expert consulting services and advanced solutions for home safety, including deadbolt lock installation, safe installation, window lock fitting, peephole and mailing box lock installation and more.

Real Estate Secrets: Tips For Wow-ing Your Clients

How would you rate your current strategy for attracting new clients? Do you think you could do something to improve your methods?

Competition is impressive in the real estate field, and an extra tool or strategy that could help you attract more clients and keep them happy will help. The wow factor is something that can make the difference between you and other agents on the market. If you don’t believe you have it yet, it’s time to do something about it. Effective communication and trust building are mandatory. Learning how to run an extra mile is an excellent start.

Put Your Clients In Touch With Businesses You Trustreal estate

You most likely know a few handymen, repairmen, contractors, locksmiths and service providers you trust and could recommend to your friends. Why not recommend them to your clients that are about to move into their first home? They could use all the help they can get, and you being there for them will definitely help build more trust.

Create a database of local contractors and services and recommend the best residential locksmiths like the guys at for people who are about to move into their newly bought properties. Show genuine care concerning your clients’ safety and encourage them to change the old locks or at least have them re-keyed for more protection and peace of mind. If possible, bring in some statistics on local break-ins or print out tips for increasing home security for new owners. Your clients will appreciate the extra efforts and refer you to their friends or use your services again when needed.

See If You Can Give Them Your Business

If your clients are selling flowers, baking cakes, or cutting duplicate keys, why not rely on them whenever you are the one who is looking for assistance? It’s not something you should obsess about, but it’s worth remembering from time to time. If your clients offer services you could use, stay in touch with them and take advantage of the opportunity to get in touch with them.

Send Over Some Pizza

On the day of the big move, the last thing your clients are going to think about will be what – and how – to cook for dinner. With dozens of boxes that need to be unpacked and hundreds of items that need to find their spots on the shelves, food is overrated. It doesn’t have to be like that. With a small investment, you could have some pizza or Chinese sent over to them. It would help if you could casually find out what their favorite food is, or if they have any allergies. We promise they are going to love you for your kindness and recommend you to all of their friends and coworkers.

Introduce Them To Their New Home

Welcome baskets, gift cards, freshly baked goodies, and wine or champagne are excellent ways of making them feel welcomed into their new home. You can have a basket delivered to their doorstep or make a personal, bur brief appearance. Don’t forget to include a note. You can also offer to take them on a neighborhood tour. After all, you should know the entire area by heart. Drive them around for a couple of hours and make sure they learn about the hottest attractions in town before you go. The secret is to make them feel truly excited about their fresh purchase and also show you are truly interested in their well-being and comfort.

Help Them Clean And Organize

You do not necessarily need to be the one to help them clean their new place and unpack and organize their items. However, it would be nice to hire cleaners, movers or organizers to cater to these needs. The more load you can take off their shoulders, the better. If you know some affordable and reliable services in town, or you know about some price discounts, be sure to let your clients know all about it.

Remembering their birthdays and sending an anniversary card or even school supplies for the kids will definitely work some extra magic and give you that wow factor. You could also fill up a basket using toilet paper, sponges, hand soap, and other essentials people moving into a new home would normally need.

5 Essential Tips For Being A Successful Real Estate Agent

If you are getting ready to embrace a career in the real estate industry or you are simply trying to do your best to ace your game and sweep your clients off their feet, you are going to need to constantly improve your skills. Knowing a few tips, tricks and secrets used by the most successful realtors out there could help you come a long way and make it big.

With so many challenges you need to cope with, having someone to guide your steps and steer you in the right direction will make a huge difference. Until you find yourself a mentor, here are a few quick pieces of advice you might find extremely useful, provided you will also put them into practice.

real estate agentTip #1: Create Genuine Value

Do your absolute best to create value for your clients; this way, you will build trust, the one and only valuable asset every real estate agent must carry in his portfolio. If your clients do not trust you, you are less likely to foster any healthy and lasting relationships with them. And from there to a disastrous scenario, there is only one small step.

Tip #2: Don’t Focus On Selling

It is not your job to sell something to your clients, but rather simplify the purchasing processes for them and become their guide for every step of the process. You need to focus on coaching clients instead of being the biggest marketer they have ever seen. Trying even the most subtle tricks to sell a property to your clients will make them think twice about wanting to work with you in the immediate future.

Turn every meeting into the most educational training sessions for your clients and they will reward you soon enough by giving you their business and sealing the deal with you. Offer advice, keep them well focused and constantly endeavor to put their needs and desires ahead of your own needs. Remember to do it as genuine as you can, or you will obtain the complete opposite results.

Tip #3: Be Honest

Success does come easy to those who are honest and are not afraid to work hard and ask questions when they do not know the answer to a question. Never act like a know-it-all and make friends every time you can. The real industry is one where reputation is essential, so you will need to be as honest as you can. Do not use any lies, you will eventually be caught and lose your clientele and future business.

Tip #4: Prove You are Human

People looking to buy their first home are getting ready to make a huge investment that will affect them both financially and mentally. This is why it is critical to know how to be there for them and what to do to help them reach their goals and stay happy. Once you start to embrace this mindset, you will see many more doors opening for you.

Another good way of proving you are human is by remembering your clients’ birthdays and sending them a small gift with a card, congratulating them on their special day. The anniversary of the day they bought their first home or their wedding anniversary is an equally good opportunity to prove to them that you are actually and genuinely interested in their well-being. Learn how to serve the client and you will be even closer to become a successful agent.

Tip #5: Be Obsessed

That is, obsessed with getting your client the thing they want most. Do not settle for anything less than that, just like you wouldn’t settle for a small win when you want to play slots online at one of the biggest casinos on the web. Aim big, have the mentality of a winner and become obsessed with reaching your goals – which should be to solve your clients’ problems.

Do the exact opposite and you will be nothing but an average realtor playing the role of a salesperson struggling to attract new clients every day. Gather all your inner strength and use clear thinking, intuition, skills and experience every time and you should be able to make it. Be willing to always help everyone asking for your two cents and remember this is a career that is entirely built on reputation and trust.

How to Buy an Apartment the Right Way

When purchasing an apartment, you will have to consider many things. Location, safety, and even the economic prospect of the region. After all, you don’t want to be stuck with a property that would be difficult to sell because of an economic downturn in the area where you live.

Therefore choosing an apartment is an art that can be mastered if you apply yourself to it and make sure you have left no stone unturned. What are your options of picking a good property?

Choosing an Apartment When It’s Been Completed

The safest way to buy property is of course once construction work has been completed. In certain countries you can expect a price hike of up to 15% as opposed to when buying “green,” meaning before construction work has been completed.

This way of purchasing your property is best for people who are both not in a hurry and who can afford the extra 15%. Even if you are buying on a budget, it could still be advisable to wait for the complete property, as such purchases are usually safer. Naturally, if you are set on buying before a property has been completed, you will need to do a few things before you can make down payment:

  • Verify the reputation of the builder
  • Make sure they have completed projects
  • Look into past complaints and tenants’ opinions

It would help to have a quick go around the Internet and try to locate any negative press about the company you are buying from. Imagine yourself researching an online casino. You can’t always rely on a comprehensive online database such as, and instead have to do the legwork yourself.

The good news is that with some research and attentiveness, you will have your answer soon enough. Try to make your decisions based on what information you have present rather than trusting brokers or developers too much.

What Size Property is Good?

For comfortable living, any apartment over 70 m2 is a good one. These properties can be pricey, though, so this also should be taken into consideration. While 60-70 m2 is not a whole lot of space you are dealing with, it’s still enough to build a comfortable life on this space.

Conversely, an ideal size would be 100 m2 , as this would allow you to have plenty of room for a family or even to rent out to people via Airbnb for example, which will be a slight added value to your property. In most cases, though, buying 100 m2 apartment is an expensive undertaking and it might be worth to purchase a smaller one to get a better read of the market.

In all events, you will need to verify a number of legal documents to make sure that the seller is not re-selling an apartment that is not legally theirs. This has been known to happen, to paying more in legal fees and hiring a legal advisor from respected company is key to making sure that the deal will go smoothly.

Exercising caution will most certainly extend the overall process, but the good news is that a reputable seller would never rush you into a deal. If you are asked to hurry up this is a bad sign. If you are faced with competition and the broker is insisting that you buy now, it wouldn’t hurt to drop the deal before you commit as good brokers always know to never pressure their potential customers.

Closing a Good Deal Takes Time and the Right Connections

You should foremost always find good help. Hiring both a real estate attorney and a broker with a lot of experience and good feedback is one of the first things you should do, as Forbes themselves recommend. From there onwards, you need to exercise caution and be practical about your decision.

Many buyers fall in love with a property and that is usually not a bad thing, but a good broker would spot it and they will possibly pump the price a little. After all, most houses do not necessarily sell for their actual value, with brokers adding something on top for their clients and themselves.

Buying an apartment is definitely a demanding task and that is why it should be approached with caution and patience. Once you have worked out the kinks of any property and sale terms and conditions, you will feel more confident in pressing ahead with an actual purchase. Once again, remember to trust your legal advisors and only hire the best.

3 Steps To Get You On The Way To Becoming A Real Estate Broker

The real estate market represents a most lively sector of the large construction and building industry.  In certain edges of this world, the real estate market looks pretty attractive, rich in variety of solutions and absolutely profitable for great investment goals.

It’s interesting to notice that the real estate market is not only the destination of millions of homebuyers who need a home for themselves, but it’s also an abundant pool of good investment chances. The number of people who look into the real estate market for investment purposes is increasing – evidence that this sector has still so much to offer to today’s savers.

Becoming a Real Estate Broker is Easy!

If you are looking for a stimulating and dynamic job which brings you in touch with people and allows you to express all opf your communication skills, then you might easily find your way into the real estate brokerage.

Every time a homebuyer needs to visit a home or to sign up a contract for buying a home, the real estate broker is a most essential professional figure. Consider that in certain places it’s impossible to buy a home in a seriously and legal way without a real estate broker!

So, let’s say that you are thinking about a career as a real estate broker, but you still have to get informed about what you have to do and to know. Don’t waste time: go on with our next passages! You will easily get to see all you need to do in order to become a successful real estate broker.

Follow These 3 Steps To Get Started

One of the most essential point is that you are aware of what working as a real estate broker really means. In short, consider that you will need excellent communication skills: this is something that you might have as a natural-born quality, but if you don’t you can still hope to learn that. There are appropriate courses that are focused on communication skills and on how you can improve your own language skills.real estate broker

Now, just take a look at the basic formation steps to become a serious and professional real estate broker:

  1. Work experience: yes, you need to complete a basic work experience, otherwise you won’t be able to see how to behave in certain most challenging situations. One of the hardest parts of the job as a real estate broker is to be able to conduct smooth home sales for both parties (the seller and the buyer), which is not really a simple job!  So, try to get hired by a senior real estate broker and learn everything from him/her.
  2. Once you completed your basic work experience (don’t forget to add it in your CV), you may be feel ready to get a professional license. In certain states and countries, real estate brokers are required to own a specific professional license in order to work in this field; however, even when not required by law, such a license will turn into your favor working as an extra evidence of trustowrthiness of your services.
  3. Education: a good real estate broker needs appropriate education, as well. A degree in real estate from an accredited 4-year university is usually what you will be requested as to education. Of course, you can always count on your experience as an escrow or loan officer. Other experiences in the construction and building industry are also welcome and work pretty well as an education basis for all real estate brokers.

Explore The Real Estate Market In Your Place

As a real estate broker you will have to pay much attention to the real estate market in your own place or in the place where you’re more likely to go to work.

You have to know that the real estate market is not actually always the same and it can seriously vary from city to city, and from state to state. It’s obvious that you will prefer to focus on those places that offer larger opportunities for you: so, do your research and see what cities turn out to be more profitable for a first-time real estate broker. Places with large casino venues are usually more lucrative, although millions of gamblers today prefer to play online casino games. It’s actually easier to learn everything about online casinos via the internet: how to register on a safe and licensed Australian casino, how to make deposits and get bonuses, how to play slots and win more often that you might think.

How to Be a Great Broker?

Being a great broker is really not all that difficult. You would think that this is just a marketing ploy, but it really isn’t. Brokers are out there to sell the next big apartment – they have a rather uncertain, but nice lifestyle overall.

Even a single sale will get you ahead if you are a broker. You will be able to soon afford your own place. While a person may need to be a bit ‘salty’, a good broker will look past the sales pitches. Talk the facts to you and explain what specific challenges your clients can expect.

Yet, they may not be full of young people and be considered a ‘retirement part of the city’. There are all sorts of things to do around as a broker. Some people will naturally focus on just selling about anything.

How to Be a Great Broker?

From experience, the best brokers out there are those who not only try to sell to their clients but also state very specific reasons as to why they are doing one thing over another – why they have taken the customer to a specific property instead of another.

You will want to focus on explaining to everyone what they can expect and what some of the future challenges can be. It’s important to be honest because honesty is the type of strategy that will help you get everything tied up.

Tell Your Clients What They Need to Know

Always focus on things that your clients will want to know. Most brokers believe that since they live in a rather big city, there is really no problem in worrying about their name being tarnished. Yet, a good broker who is also a conscientious broker will always try to provide customers with the most accurate details bout a property and not just let them discover things that they may not be quite happy about.

A good broker will have a preemptive approach. In other words, if there’s a bad thing to announce, there’s no need for secrecy. You can always be honest and forthcoming. Your customers are very likely to appreciate you for your decision to tell them the truth from the get-go.

Besides, if there are some minor problems with a property, such as the plumbing or locks, you can really sort things out very quickly. You can have your agency or previous owner hire an excellent plumbing company and all your troubles will be cleared out of the way.

Working with the best plumbers is a privilege that will not only help you in delivering your sales pitch, but it will also help you boost the overall property price, and that’s just one of the good things.

Address Potential Problems with Potential Buyers

If you want to be a great salesman and a broker, you need to be honest – as we have said multiple times already. If there’s something wrong/bad about the property you are selling, you would do well to tell the customers upfront.

Just let them know. But don’t ever announce something that’s wrong as an irreversible fact. You got to tell the people how it can be fixed and what steps you have already fixed towards the solving of the problem. For example, if you tell people that there’s some mold to be addressed, most people would balk – after all, they are buying a property to most likely live in, they don’t want it being eaten inside out.

But you can always go the extra mile. Ask for free consultations from a mold removal company and see what can be done. Then, you can just give your clients the name of the company and the price that would be needed.

It’s often smart to book free consultations for a property you really want to sell – it’s perhaps a bit unfair to the company, but if there’s a problem with the plumbing, you can then recommend the potential buyers the company that had offered to fix it at a decent price.

People do appreciate this and they are very likely to stick with your advice. To put it simply, everyone is keen on owning a home – if they can just fix the minor problems, there will be no stopping the buyer. So show your customers how to solve all their little worries!



Are Luxury Buyers On The Verge Of Extinction?

Not that long ago, the market for mansions, luxury homes and huge properties was in bloom. Today, millennials seem to have hit the brake, as luxury homes are no longer on top of search queries or on people’s minds. Why is this happening and how will it affect the market for homes? Let’s find out!

Lifestyle Changes and Value For Money

Without a doubt, one of the primary criteria when buying a new home is the asking price. However, this is not the reason why millennials are changing the focus from luxury mansions. The September 2019 issue of the North American Luxury Market Report speaks about “lifestyle changes” and “value for money” when describing what motivates this generation of home buyers. People are interested in knowing they will get great value for their buck. A huge property is not efficient enough in terms of labor and management in the long run. Think of it as the experience of a new poker player who prefers to play with a smaller budget and aim for quality games and periodical bonuses instead of investing large amounts since day one just to collect a maximum welcome bonus and be faced with highly demanding wagering requirements for a limited number of games. If you are looking for a good site that reviews and recommends the freshest casino titles in the industry, click here to visit the website of the platform.

On the other hand, the more appealing the amenities a home comes with and the more pleasant the experience of living in it truly is, the quicker it is bought. Vacation homes with room service and spas are gaining more and more ground lately. Millennial buyers are looking to imitate the real hotel or spa experience at home and their shopping decisions are changing the way things look and flow in the real estate sector. They mainly focus on cautious forms of riches and they prefer to know they will be living in an eco-friendly environment and a home where wellness is crucial instead of luxury homes in the traditional sense of the word.

Baby Boomers and Retirees Are Also Interested in More Amenities

It’s not only people ages 23 to 37 (Millennials) who are focusing on this type of amenity-focused dwellings. Empty-nesters or parents whose children have left home to go to college or live on their own for the first time are also showing interest in this type of properties. While they may look for new hobbies such as playing games online, wagering on poker or doing yoga, they may also consider buying a new home. People who have recently retired may also need a new home that speaks to them more and helps them simplify their life and make it more convenient. Baby boomers (20 percent of the US population are people born between 1946 and 1964) are also part of the same list of people looking for homes with extra amenities such as concierge services or pools.

Developers Need To Catch Up With the Trendsspa apartment

Builders need to keep up with the trends and cater to all the emotional, physical and social needs of home buyers. They need to diversify their offers and use different locations for their projects. The trends also show an increase in the number of people who choose to buy several smaller properties instead of a single large one. They want to live unique experiences in each of their new vacation or seasonal homes and they choose quality over space. The emphasis also falls on properties that are located nearby, within walking distance from shopping, cinemas, bookstores, coffee shops, parks, malls and dining venues.

While luxury will continue to be the main leader in real estate trends, builders need to find clever ways to create smart, environmentally-friendly residences that are more affordable to buy. Smart homes with pre-built entertainment rooms, solar panels generating electrical power and heating while protecting the environment, private spa rooms and concierge services for apartment buildings – these are just a few of the hottest amenities that are prone to draw the attention of today’s non-luxury buyers. Developers also need to consider expanding their projects in various areas with different climate and geography to create unparalleled living experiences.

How to be Mortgage Free by 30

Owning a house is one of the main objectives of many of us in life. Of course, when we are in our early 20s or even 30s, we aren’t thinking about this as much. Life’s exciting enough to avoid making it boring by paying a bank loan. However, once you turn 30, you start wondering – where am I going to live and what am I going to do with my life next?

Renting in your 40s can be depressing and it stresses you out unnecessarily. When you think of it, the past 20 years of your life were probably spent renting in the same area. What if you could just take that $500 monthly installment and turn it into $120,000 for the past 20 years? That’s quite possible, but you got to start early.

Star Early, Avoid Renting

How to be Mortgage Free by 30Of course, to avoid rent you have to be sure of so many things. You will need your job security; you will need to settle down in a region which has enough financial opportunities to offer you and more. Buying a home is always a risk. Inheriting one always seems a preferred option by many people, but it’s a luxury that very few people can afford before they are in their mid-to-late 30s.

It can be argued that not starting early enough I the main reason why, yet – how can you start saving up for a home at 20 when you really don’t know what you want to do or what the job market is like.

Get a Job that Pays Off

We all have dreams, but unfortunately, we all have to make this life works and the way to do this is by focusing on having a job that will pay off the bills and help us save up for a home and even retirement. Of course, it doesn’t sound like the hottest thing to be talking about when you are 20-something, but the truth is life will go on for you and you will be able to enjoy quite a few things down the line. What you will need is a decent job.

There are so many great choices out there. You may think that your locksmith, for example, is not happy with their job of choice, but companies such as Locksmiths Pros have established a very good work environment for their locksmiths. Not only the work environment but also by providing financial security or them.

Locksmithing is a highly-sought skill and many people will always pay for the best one. If you are not too handy, though, and struggle with practical tasks, you can bravely embrace some other profession.

IT and graphic design are all the rage right now, even though nobody can really teach you what part of IT you should study. If you are looking for a safe bet, you could focus on AI and big data, but it helps to know that the entry-level is very challenging – on a purely intellectual level.

However, if you are motivated and love to do something that is well-paid, the money will follow you and you won’t have to worry about a mortgage at all.