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How to Sell Anything By Being Honest

 December 14, 2016

Quite a few buyers today look down on sellers. Why? Because consumers have grown weary of the salesman who’s trying to sell them goods. There is always an angle it seems and this is exactly the notion that you personally should try to defeat.

The best way to winning a customer’s trust is none other than being perfectly honest with them. Yes, people are keen on hearing facts and information, so, to succeed as a salesman, broker or anything that requires good communication between you and a customer, all you need to do is be informative and only sell quality merchandise.

If you have a tough sell to make, target budget customers and to explain to them what some of the possible downsides of their purchase can be. Do remind them that, most goods have a warranty that will cover any unforeseeable expenses related to the product, though.

Overall, there is no one winning strategy as to how to best sell a product. What you need to do is make sure you are not highlighting the downsides, though, because the instant you open with why the customer should be wary of something, you have lost them. So here’s our short guide to marketing success.

1. Stay Positive

Always be positive and focus on why the customer wants to buy it. You needn’t make anything up. Just tell the customer why the thing they are about to buy is good. You needn’t sell merchandise. It can be something more substantial like a service.

Advertising someone else is often a responsible undertaking for a number of reasons. Not least of all, you are putting your own name to vouch for someone else. When you are identifying your would-be clients hiring you to advertise their service, do careful research.

For instance, a good residential locksmith service is bound to have some reviews left on places like Yelp, so make sure you do your due diligence well.

2. Dry, Neutral And Factual

Always focus on the facts, but leave the pricing until last. Tell people why the product/purchase/service answers their needs. If a would-be customer sees the point in buying from you, they will be far more inclined to buy, regardless of the price.

3. Always Answer Truthfully

It often can happen that you are in a situation where your clients would want to discuss a particular issue with you. You should provide the facts truthfully and keep a brave face. The client is not always right, but as a good salesman, you should always respect a person’s decision to buy or not to buy.

After all, you often find yourself in exactly the same position. Pricing, downsides of the service or product and more are questions that are going to come up often and the best way is to explain what inherent drawbacks there are to purchase.

The good news is that the majority of products don’t really have drawbacks. Of course, certain goods are much better because of their price but that is it. You can’t really cite a lack of functionalities in an air conditioner as an actual drawback or how energy-friendly the air con is, for example.

However, being a good salesman means that you will pounce at the opportunity and explain why spending a little more can get your customers something better. Sometimes, recommending a cheaper good might also win you points.

Why? Simple!

  • You get your clients appreciation
  • They are likely to return
  • They will certainly recommend you to others

Before you know it, you will already be talking to other clients thanks to sealing a good deal in the past. Word of mouth recommendations shouldn’t be overlooked.

Selling is tough, but the good news is that today, the most truthful and hard-working individual making it. It’s thanks to such commitment from honest marketers that the name of the profession has been cleared and customers know that they can trust their salesman more so than ever in the past.

It always helps to remind your customers that your job is to sell them the product and demonstrate your forthcoming manner, but remember – you also need to add value. Explain, help, and connect the dots for your customers. These are the marks of a great marketing expert these days.