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Home Staging: Choosing Door Hardware

When getting ready to sell a property, home staging can help you effectively highlight the property’s strengths, as well as downplay its weaknesses. By following the right home staging rules, you can appeal to a greater pool of prospective buyers. Among these rules, we find those referring to the rightful selection of the correct door knobs and lock sets. This is a critical decision that you will need to make whether you wish to replace, install new or upgrade your existing door hardware for your home staging needs.

Luckily, or confusing enough for some people, there are so many choices to consider. Since you will be selecting the style of the doorknob and the appropriate lock set mechanism for your needs, you will need to think real hard before making your final call.


How To Choose The Right Doorknob

Even though you might expect the doorknob to be a round or square one, you might have the surprise of learning that it may not be a knob at all. You could opt for a “lever handle” or a “handle set”. This is a combo of latch and handle used on exterior doors used as access paths. Lever handles are simpler to grab compared to doorknobs and are approved operating devices that comply with the ADA Barrier Free/Accessible Design requirements.

On the other hands, doorknobs do not enjoy the same type of official approval for this particular type of use, as they require tight grasping or pinching. These requirements are however mandatory when it comes to commercial buildings, and not for your home. Nevertheless, if a person in a wheelchair will buy your house and live in it, they will find these particular types of doorknobs extremely useful. And this argument alone will help them better ponder their decision and convince them to buy. If you are not sure what type of doorknob you should opt for, get in touch with a professional home locksmith like the guys at and have them assist you. They are licensed, insured/bonded and experienced enough to tell you everything you need to know about a certain doorknob and its pros and cons. Get in touch with them and set up an appointment at your desired date and time and have them assess the state of all of your current locks around the house. Let them recommend which ones to re-key, service, or replace with better ones. If you have zero experience with locks, you might be tempted to have all of them replaced with brand new sets once you are prepared to stage your home for selling. But a simple re-keying process is more than enough at times, and the trained eye of a locksmith will tell you just that.


Choosing The Right Lock Sets

Since there is an infinite variety of finishes and designs when it comes to sets of locks, you might have an even harder time choosing one or several for the house. Passage lock sets, privacy locks, keyed entrance locks, and dummy or non-functional locks all make for relevant choices. Ask a locksmith to help you make the best calls.