Below are the samples of our signs. We can provide for you the standard Alliance Bay Realty yard sign “FOR SALE” (24x24inch.) There is no charge for the sign, but they are required to be checked out and returned.

Our preferred sign makers can make a personalized yard sign with your picture, name and other desired information. They provide the discounted price for Alliance Bay Realty agents.

You can contact the company to order Alliance Bay Signs:

O.D Signs: (510) 940-7446 ||  1680 W. Winton Ave #7 Hayward, CA 94545 ||


You can also use any sign producers and sign designers if you prefer, but our company logo or name must be used on your signs. You can download the company logo from Alliance Bay Realty website.

Sign/Post Installation Companies

The Companies bellow provide complete sign/post installations, maintenance and removal services. Please contact the Sign/post companies bellow for your listings.

Sign And Post

30965 San Benito Court
Hayward, CA, 94544
Phone: 800-834-7390
Fax: 888-384-7678

Bill at Apresco Team

Fast Post

Contact Chuck:   (925) 999-5588